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Culture, Sports and Religion:
Indo-Pak Relations - Part 5

by Jaipal Singh
The cultural and sports activities exchange besides the expansion of trade could play wonders in improving relations of India and Pakistan, the question obviously arises as to how this could be achieved when there is so much of mutual suspicion and animosity at political and army level. Read On

Visiting Angkor Wat:
The Eighth Wonder of the World

by Dr. Rajen Barua
Located in northern Cambodia near the city called Siem Reap (literally meaning ‘defeat of the Siams’), Angkor Wat was the largest pre-industrial urban centre in the world, ... Read On

Doklam: The Tri-Junction Standoff
Sino-Indian Relations

by Jaipal Singh
Occasional trespassing, scuffle and strife, deliberate or unintentional, between the troops of India and China is not a new feature. The ill-defined border, growing economic and military status, traditional territorial disputes with neighbours and the tendency of accepting or refuting past agreements at convenience has earned enough notoriety to China ...  Read On

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